CSC is now PCSC

As it was initially conceived and planned for all purposes, the Conflict Study Center (CSC) has now been renamed as the Peace and Conflict Studies Center (PCSC). This also reflects the fact that the primary focus of Nepal and Nepali people has now shifted toward consolidation of peace efforts. PCSC believes that all its activities need to be concentrated toward sustainable peace, harmony and security. It is a part of PCSC's support for peace process to provide quality training to highly capable Nepalis to become dedicated professionals in the fields of peace, security and human rights. At the same time, however, PCSC will continue its activities to minimize eruption of conflict and violence and to disseminate information and research findings for resolving conflicts and consolidating peace. PCSC welcomes ideas and suggestions from all quarters that may enable it to contribute more qualitatively in the country's strenuous journey toward peace and security.

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